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Why North Star?

If you are a first time buyer, seller or seasoned real estate pro, North Star Inspection Services can help you make sense of your complex investment. With over 2,000 residential and commercial properties inspected we have the experience to help our clients uncover potential safety concerns, defects, and general functional issues that may not be apparent to an untrained eye.  We go the the extra mile by helping our clients understand system controls and proper operations, required maintenance schedules, and best practices, to ensure your home operates efficiently and effectively. With a wide service area covering Northern Illinois, Southwest Michigan, and Northwest Indiana, we are ready to inspect your dream home, condo or rental property 7 days a week. 

Brian Glon - Owner

The home's exterior is the first line of defense against moisture, air and critter intrusion.  Small problems in the home's exterior can lead to exponentially larger damage to interior systems.

Heating and Air Conditioning units tend to fail when we need them the most. It is important to be comfortable in your new home so we take extra care to inspect for proper operation and ventilation of appliances, heating and cooling units.


InterNACHI estimates that of the 45 million existing decks, only 40% are completely safe. We help you understand if your deck is safe, when maintenance is required, and signs that your deck is in need of repair.

Improper electrical installation can lead to serious injury or death. We test each receptacle and switch for function and GFCI protection. We provide you with thorough, safe, and educational inspection of your electrical system. 

Water is the leading cause of damage in a home.  A small leak can turn into Niagara Falls in no time, so as a home owner, you should understand how your system operates and if it is functioning the way it should.


Substantial amounts of moisture enters our air in the processes of our normal daily activities like cooking, bathing, and even breathing.  It's important that our homes have systems in place to maintain acceptable levels of water vapor, in order to prevent damage. 

In addition to minimizing airflow for heating and cooling, insulation plays and vital role in regulating moisture in the home. We inspect all visible areas of insulation for proper installation and function. 

While most appliances in the home provide us with convenience and comfort, improper installation or defects can have deadly consequences.  We inspect all appliances for function, and wherever possible, installation errors, and safety. 

Much More...

No two homes are exactly the same, and we will make every effort to inspect each system within the scope of your property. We have specific training and experience to give you top notch service. 

"We found Brian to be a very courteous and hard working individual. He paid attention to detail, and charged a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to hire him again..."

Colleen N., West Chicago, IL

"Brian did an excellent job...He was timely in his reply and a very courteous in person."

Jini P., Bartlett, IL

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